September, 2021The Kamcev Lab welcomes new undergraduate student Jacquelyn Zamora (Sophomore)!

August, 2021 – Prof. Kamcev receives a North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Young Membrane Scientist Award. Read about it here!

August, 2021 – Graduate student Cassidy Carey is awarded a PPG Fellowship from the Macromolecular Science & Engineering Program. Congratulations, Cass!

May, 2021Prof. Kamcev’s contribution to the Young Investigator Special Issue in the Journal of Polymer Science is published! Link to article.

May, 2021The Kamcev Lab is awarded a DOE Early Career Award! This grant will support our studies on ion transport in highly charged polymer membranes with subnanometer free volume elements. 

May, 2021The Kamcev Lab welcomes new undergraduate students Jenny Park (Freshman) and Kevin Kim (Sophomore)!

May, 2021 – Graduate students José and David pass the Thesis Proposal Exam. Congratulations, José and David!

April, 2021Manuscript on new multi-functional composite membranes for selectively capturing solutes while desalinating water published in Science. Link to article.

March, 2021 – Graduate student David Kitto is awarded an NSF GRFP Fellowship. Congratulations, David!

February, 2021 – Graduate student Cassidy Carey passes the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Comprehensive Exam. Congratulations, Cass!

October, 2020Undergraduate student Alyssa Shapiro awarded the Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award. Congratulations, Alyssa!

October, 2020The Kamcev Lab welcomes new Macromolecular Science & Engineering graduate student Cassidy Carey (University of Cincinnati)!

September, 2020 – The first manuscript from the Kamcev Lab is published in the Journal of Membrane Science. Link to article. Congratulations, José!

July, 2020 – Graduate student David Kitto is awarded a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant to support his research. Congratulations, David!

May, 2020 – Graduate students Carolina Espinoza, David Kitto, and José Díaz pass their candidacy exams. Congratulations, Carolina, David, and José!

April, 2020 – Graduate students Carolina Espinoza and José Díaz are awarded NDSEG Fellowships. Congratulations, Carolina and José!

March, 2020 – Graduate student José Díaz is awarded an NSF GRFP Fellowship. Congratulations, José!

March, 2020 – Graduate student José Díaz receives Honorable Mention for the Ford Foundation Fellowship. Congratulations, José!

January, 2020 – The Kamcev Lab welcomes new undergraduate students Alyssa Shapiro (ChE Sophomore), Amanda Webb (ChE Sophomore), and Brandon Lecznar (ChE Sophomore)!

October, 2019 – The Kamcev Lab welcomes new graduate students José Díaz (Johns Hopkins University), Carolina Espinoza (University of California, Santa Barbara), and David Kitto (University of Minnesota). The foundation of the lab is set!

August, 2019 – Jovan Kamcev begins his appointment as assistant professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at University of Michigan.